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Birthdate:Feb 14

official bio:
Built: 1896 Style: Steampunk
Instruments: Melodica, Accordion
Features: Victorian gear-driven motors, kinetic projectile chambers, antique particle accelerator lens device

In 1896, Peter Alexander Walter built his first humanoid robot. Rabbit was made with a copper exterior, and ran off of a new form of energy: Blue Matter.

He got his name while he was just a curious head on Walter's table. Having just made the world's first artificial intelligence, Peter Walter was excited to explore the robot's abilities. He pointed to a lab animal in a cage, and said; "Rabbit."

"Raa-bit," the robot said.

Peter was so astonished and delighted when the robot repeated the word back to him, that he pointed at other things in the lab, wondering if he could teach him more words. But all the robot would say all night was Rabbit, and that's how he got his name.

Rabbit went on to fight against Becile's copper elephants in 1897, outfitted with a prototype blue matter laser lens array, a Gatling Gun attachment, and a collapsible buzz saw. His combat history also spans WWI, WWII, and the Vietnam war.

The Blue Matter that powers Rabbit has been used as a weapon in other ways, too. Ignatius and Norman Becile stole Rabbit's power core in 1950. In a sloppy attempt to reverse engineer it, the power core malfunctioned, and the resulting blast killed two people, including Peter Walter II and Professor Guy Hottie. Three others were injured. When the power core was returned to Rabbit, he was devastated to learn how it had been used, and it weighs heavily on his conscious.

As a musician, Rabbit plays the melodica and accordion.

Rabbit is a well-intentioned robot, but he is prone to the most malfunctions because of his lack of upgrades. Unlike many of the other robot musicians, Rabbit still possesses many of his Victorian parts, which makes him quite clumsy. He is always making puns, and his favorite activity outside of entertaining is feeding the ducks at the Walter Cemetary.

And, if for some reason you would ever need to know this-- given Maison's nature, I wouldn't be surprised-- here is what Rabbit's insides sound like. Likewise, a reference (drawn by myself) on how I believe his design looks beneath his costume can be found here, in case he should ever need repairs (or lose his costume for whatever other reason.)
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